OK guys. Hate to do it but have to many other projects.
For your consideration is a 1961 Scout 80. Fully frame off restored and about 95+% original.
Frame was sand blasted and por15 coated. all new bushings were installed in springs.
Body was dismantled completely and sand blasted to bare metal. all dents (weren't many) were removed and a coat of etching primer was applied then as little bondo as possible was used to smooth things out.
All new bolts,nuts and washers were used in reassembly.
New brakes,hubs,cylinders,lines,barrings,seals and master/slave cyl.kits installed.
Carburetor was professional rebuilt and it has a HEADER installed with all new tail pipe and muffler.
The fuel tanks were cleaned and new fuel lines installed. The fuel pump was installed without the vacuum pump because I put on electric wiper motors.
A new locker was installed in the rear end with new seals.
New ujoints, clutch/plate installed.
All new window and door gaskets.
The underbody and bed are coated with HURCULINER and the cab floor coated with a smoother rubber coating.
All new wiring harness.
New front hub hardware.
New tires and wheels. The spare wheel is the only original IH stock.
This is only a partial list of the work done on this Scout, I have all of the paperwork for the parts.
The seats,bumpers and rear view mirror are not original but look good in this rig.
Although it has a new paint job on it. The painter wasn't real good with this type of paint and there are some flaws in it.
Also, Ya know how you spend tons of time and money getting things just right and Murphy comes along and plays a (joke ???) on ya.... well.
I had a minor confrontation with a forklift on the passenger side and there are 2 small dents. easy enough to fix but I needed to tell you.