304, rebuilt about 5k miles ago
positrack rearend, rebuilt about 7k miles ago
4 speed manual tranny (super low 1st gear)
rust in all the usual places, dents too
tracks to hold the top on have been rebuilt with stamped steel
Brand new starter
factory skid plates
new drive shaft and u-joints

needs a battery, tires, and a rear shock. ...been sitting awhile so fluids could use replaced...

The engine starts and runs good if you keep pouring gas in the carb. If I get some time, I'll take the carb off and clean it.

I've owned this Scout since '97. Used it as a daily driver for a few years. ...then as a hunting truck for a few more years. It's been sitting under a carport for about 5 years. It's not been on the road for about 3 years. The clutch plate is frozen, but I've heard that once the truck is moving on the road again, it's not a big deal to break that free.
Located in west Knoxville. $1,500
I would consider taking a Big Green Egg as a partial trade. ...also looking for a pop-up camper around that price.
rear driver wheel.jpgseats.jpgpassenger side.jpgfront driver corner.jpgengine.jpg